We can determine the true cause of your pain and give you lasting relief.

Do you or someone you know experience pain that won't go away? Maybe you've been to multiple doctors, maybe you've even tried physical therapy, or maybe you haven't even done much about your pain, and have just been waiting (and waiting) for it to go away.  
The key to recovery is having true cause of your pain properly diagnosed and treated, but many times the symptoms of the pain can be distracting.  If only the symptoms are treated, you will not have true relief of your pain symptoms.  Consider this example (the patient name has been changed):
John has pain in his upper back that has been diagnosed as "muscle spams." John loves golfing and has not been able to play without pain. He tried stretching, massage, and even received some physical therapy to treat his spasms through strengthening exercises, but no one ever looked deeper.  As it turns out many symptoms can cause upper back pain and it is important to test for all of these dysfunctions. At Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, his physical therapist determines through differential diagnosis (using testing, signs, and symptoms to determine the true cause of pain) that John actually has an upper rib dysfunction, which means that his rib isn't moving like it should.  The rib became the faulty link in the kinetic chain that makes up his body, and since he golfs a lot, repetitive motion caused pain in the upper back, muscle spasms (the body's way to try to offload the painful area), and even intermittent neck pain.  John's rib dysfunction is correctable through manual therapy to mobilize the rib, which eliminated the weak link in his kinetic chain and as a result all of the corresponding pain symptoms.       
At Rise Pacific Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, our staff can expertly assess the connections in the body's unique kinetic chain, differentially diagnose your symptoms, and explain if you are experiencing referred pain.  All of this will help to unravel why you may not be getting better. We can explain the anatomy of your pain and what we find to be the true cause of your symptoms.  Then we will treat that underlying cause first and foremost! This is the key to achieving true, lasting pain relief.
Today is the day to make a positive change in your life by finding out where you pain may be coming from and how you can beat it, so that you can get back to doing the things you love.  Don't delay, schedule an appointment today!


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